My son asked me why people no longer come over to pick up their orders. He said he noticed I now send out orders every morning while they leave for school…is it that they don’t like me again?

I told him that on the contrary, they now trust me enough to deliver; they have been able to judge from the pictures that the jewelry is quality and I would always deliver. He says he misses selling to them at home though…lol.

In recent times, almost 2 years now, I have not had people asking ‘how do I trust you?’, ‘I hope the jewelry would be exactly as I see it’ and so on.

I have gained more international customers as well. They judge from the pictures, the picture clarity proves to them that they will be getting what they pay for.

The feedback they read, also, has made them believe that the brand is here to stay, there would be no scam issues.

Lagos and environs customers have been so kind to my brand, they pay without hassles. They never ask that I deliver before payment.

Do these 5 things to convince your customers to pay before delivery:

  1. Take quality pictures: this is not negotiable. Let them see the item for what it is, the colors should be well defined, onion color should not resemble brown, teal should not look like green. They shouldn’t have to chat you up to ask if the stone is white or cream. These would set little doubts in the mind of the buyer.

Ensure you do not use catalogue pictures, take your product pictures by yourself or hire a photographer to do it for you.

Do not over edit your pictures, I do not use any picture editing app. If the lighting in your house is not good enough, use natural light to take your pictures.

Help the customer make an easy buy-decision from your pictures.

  1. Be consistent/Show up always: would you leave your 500 naira change with that grocery seller on your street that opens only on some days and closes for days without reason? Bear in mind that you have no personal information of the seller.

This is the same thing with online business; people will not trust you with a dime if you don’t show up every day. They would lurk around your page for a while before finally placing an order. They may or may not follow you but they will always check out your page, read you posts, see how you socialize online, check out pages you comment on and see who your online friends are.

These would form their decision to trust you enough to buy from you without asking for more details.

  1. Share testimonials/feedback: customers rely on other customers’ feedback and experience, rather than on adverts.

They would believe someone who has patronized your brand to give a better advice. Seeing such feedback/testimonials on your page will assure them that you would give value, offer quality products and would not run with their money.

  1. Use the video options available on your social media apps; ask for their permission to call them on video to show them what the items look like. This would help build trust and prove that you mean business.


  1. Post behind the scenes activities: this will show that you are putting effort into business. Show some of your struggles in sourcing for items, how you package your products, customer orders going out; show your dispatch rider picking up their orders sometimes as well. Show us the effort you put to make us happy always.

In the coming post, we will talk about how packaging can make or mar your jewelry business.

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