When I started my jewelry business, I didn’t know people (outside of my family and friends) to sell to. My friends and family had bought and bought; it was evident that I needed to gain more customers and expand my network. But I didn’t know where or how to get them.

I remember driving around Utako, crying in the car, not knowing where or how to start. Shortly after, I found what worked for me. I took my business online and have never looked back, since.

You see, it is not enough to know where to source for the right products.

You need to identify where to take your wares for sale and where to find your customers.

You are at a great advantage now because technology has made things very easy for everyone. You have the world in your palms through your mobile phone.

You can make your business visible to the over 1 billion people in the world with the right strategy.

These are reasons why you need to sell online:

  1. Mobile phones are the new retail shops. An average person has a mobile phone and is active on social media.

Most women are busy running their careers or running the home but they use social media to find information or services they need. They have busy schedules and buy virtually everything online.

Such platforms can help you connect with your potential customers — people you need to know in order to make them KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you; and you would soon be smiling to the bank.

  1. Your customers would pay you upfront and you would rid yourself of selling on credit. Many businesses fold up because of bad debts. Many people prefer installment payments or month-end but most never get to pay up. Worse still, they pay in piecemeal. Sadly, by the time the money is completely paid, you would not be able to account for it.

When you sell online, you will be dealing with people you don’t know. They will pay you in full, and this helps you to account for the money easily.

  1. Selling online is easy and effective. Cost of running your business on rented platforms like Instagram and Facebook is lesser compared to the cost of running a brick and mortar store. Many who run physical stores would tell you the outrageous cost of running the business. This eats up profits and can even lead to running at a loss.
  2. You can run your business comfortably from your home. Stay-at-home mums can manage the home front effectively while running their businesses. Working-class ladies too can run a side business without worrying about time and cost. Simply load your car boot with customer orders, take to work and sort them during your break time; get yourself a dispatch rider to pick up and deliver to your customers. Easy peasy!

Know this: your integrity and the quality of jewelry you sell will take your name further than you can imagine. It is not enough to know of a few places to source. You have to be sure you are getting QUALITY that would not tarnish your reputation.

In the coming week, I will teach us ‘3 things you need to consider before sourcing for your jewelry.’

Be on the lookout…

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